My name is Roxy Hockey I am the face of Train With Roxy based in Cheltenham & Tewkesbury Gloucestershire, and my goal is to help you reach your goals. I became a¬†R.E.P.s recognised¬†Personal Trainer so that I could give you the sort of coaching that I couldn’t find when I started going to a gym. I found that corporate gyms were full of people who were very concerned with showing everyone else how much better they were rather than promoting the inclusive philosophy that I believe in.

Whether you are looking to lose a little weight or train for that marathon you always dreamed of doing I will get you there with hard work and determination we will exceed your goals together…

Aside from being a wife and Mother to 2 children…

As a fully qualified personal trainer I know first hand how difficult it is to fit in training around family life. This is why I tailor my coaching to the client in front of me whether you prefer to train at home or in the gym I want to help.

What about equipment I hear you say…

Train With Roxy brings the kit to you if you decide you want to train at home. I then take my kit away again leaving your home your home to enjoy.

This is YOUR fitness journey and I believe that I am to fit around you. i will do my best to fit in with you commitments, making sure to not disturb your life to dramatically.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding Personal Training/Classes. Even if there is something on the website you are unsure of I am only a click or a call away.

Train with Roxy



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